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Thoughts of Fr. John – January 2018

In the storms and tempests of life we all need a guiding star to steer by. No sailor navigates without reference to an external point – we cannot rely upon ourselves to select whatever course we want. If we do we cannot be surprised if we find ourselves docked in a port that we don’t want to be in.

As we reflect upon the good things that the incarnation provides let us spare a thought of Thanksgiving. We should give thanks to God for all things first. God offers us an apple orchard and it is enough if we offer an apple back to him. Yet, most of us cannot even do that. What does that say about our sinful and fallen nature? What does it say about our capacity to give?

Having been through the hectic church schedule of the Christmas/epiphany celebrations of our Lord we are now entering calmer waters conducive to reflection. If this cycle of feasts does one thing it is this – we are reminded that we are all precious in the sight of God who gave his only son so that all who believe in him may have eternal life. So, in one swoop, we become children of the most high. That is God’s gift to us. Our gift to him? It is to love, honour and follow him. Do this and we are saved.

The darkness of the human heart is far more inventive in perceiving fears because the imagination is a Demon within which causes us to shy away from the light because it knows exactly what fears can paralyse each and every one of us. Without light all fear is real. With light all fear vanishes. Each of us has the power to open the eyes of our heart or to keep them tightly shut. The choice is ours.