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Welcome to the Website of the Greek Orthodox Church of St Nektarios

Here you will find a variety of information about our Church and its events and services, photographs, as well as some of the sermons and essays written by the parish priest, Fr. John. New content is frequently being added, so please return periodically to check for updates.

If you have any questions about our Church, please don’t hesitate to contact
Fr. John via e-mail, phone, or Facebook.

Thought of the Week

Why do the good suffer and the evil prosper? Why do the good, the marginalised and the weak appear to be punished and the wicked rewarded? That is a question that has bedevilled man throughout the ages. Perhaps evil is the result of conscious and accountable choices made in this world by others against us. Our task is to demonstrate our inner belief by how we respond to those who do us harm. In Christ we have the perfect role model. In Christ we have understanding that what matters is not this life but the next – so although we attend to the needs of this, we’ll we never lose sight of the next.

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