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Thoughts of Fr. John – August 2018

The fear of the Lord is a beginning of wisdom. Wisdom leads to faith and faith overcomes fear thus leading us to the love of the Father.

It is by no accident that the invitation to Communion in the liturgy of St John Chrysostom states “with fear of God, with faith, and love, draw near.” As St Tikon of Zadonsk (+ 1783 CE) declares ” without living faith and the fear of God it is impossible to live in a Godly way.” One may also add that without fear of and faith in God it is also impossible to love those that hate us as well as those that love us.

We are all accountable for our actions as well as our inactions; our indifference as well as our point of difference and for our acts of omission as well as our acts of commission. Responsibility is given to all and rendering of account is the responsibility of each one of us. Remember “I forgot” will not be good enough.

Why do we feel self-satisfaction in doing a good deed and welcome public acclaim for such a deed. Would it not be better to be humbled by reflecting on one’s failings than to be made arrogant by reflecting on one’s good deeds.