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Thoughts of Fr. John

This Week’s Thought

This week an old Chinese story – an old lady daily fetched water from the village well. She carried two pots on a pole. One was perfect but the other was cracked so that she would commence her daily journey with two full pots of water and ended at home with one full pot of water and the other only half full. The flawed pot felt dishonoured. The pot spoke to the old lady seeking abject apology and asked to be replaced as it was flawed. The old lady smiled. She told the flawed pot whether it observed that only on its side of the pathway that she travel daily the beautiful flowers that grew there? The lady then explained that she had planted seeds and that they had, through the water that leaked from the flawed pot, thrived and their blooms bore great joy to her… Sometimes, the Lord can use us “flawed vessels” in such wonderful ways that we could not even imagine. That is the wonder of Christ.

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